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New England Longboard Contest
New England Longboard Classic
June 10, 2018 - Click here for info

Hawaii 2005 CHINA UEMURAS Longboard Contest

Western Surfing Association - Cardiff 2005


Oceanside 2004

Guy Takayama

Oceanside Longboard Club

SECOS 2004 Longboard Contest

Malibu 2004 Longboard Contests



Board Buddy was created by Darrell Lang, a longboarder since 1961 (still at it), and shortboarder Scott Sisserson. They understand the hassles of carrying a surfboard for long distances to the beach, and so they came up with this ingenious little gadget that makes carrying your board a breeze.


Old Hawaiian Saying

"The most difficult part of surfing is getting the surfboard to the surf."
US Patent No 6,857,673, Australian Patent No 784339, Japanese Patent No 4025529
Other Foreign Patents Pending

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