Hey Buddy...GET A GRIP...on your surfboard!

Long walk? Wide board? Short arm?   
You Need Extra Reach.

Board Buddy is a great way to carry your surfboard to the beach. This simple and easy-to-use surfboard carrier gives you a firm grip on your board. Made of tough, durable ABS plastic, Board Buddy slides right onto the rail of your board when you're headed for the surf.  It's a surfboard carrying device for a longboard or shortboard. Taking a shortboard and a longboard to the beach? Board Buddy makes carrying two boards easy.

I tried things on the market over the years ... BAGS, STRIPS, holders that had round tubes and ropes that let my board twist in the wind. I WANTED CONTROL and a normal hand feel to carry my board, not a strap over my shoulder. BOARD BUDDY does just that at only 14 oz!

Board Buddy comes in handy on long walks, steep trails, and windy days. Perfect for kids, women and men who need more reach to carry wide longboards. Surfer parents, now there's no excuse for your kids (or spouse) not to carry their own board.

Board Buddy is better for your body, too. It gets the surfboard off your head and off your hip. You only need one hand to carry your board. Board Buddy also keeps the wax out of your hair and on your board.

Board Buddy was created by Darrell Lang, a longboarder since 1961 (still at it), and shortboarder Scott Sisserson. They understand the hassles of carrying a surfboard for long distances to the beach, and so they came up with this ingenious little gadget that makes carrying your board a breeze.


Veteran Owned

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Board Buddy is a simple, strong, and convenient way to carry your surfboard without the hassle or discomfort sometimes associated with getting the surfboard to the water.

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The Less Hassle Way to Get A Grip!


Old Hawaiian Saying

"The most difficult part of surfing is getting the surfboard to the surf."

US Patent No 6,857,673, Australian Patent No 784339, Japanese Patent No 4025529
Other Foreign Patents Pending

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